Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wacky dream blends life and news

In the middle of heavy traffic I am running to the only bus out of town..All I have is a bag full fo change. I drop the bag out of anger and run to the bus, I pause, look back, someone is trying to steal my change, I yell at him, run back to get the change, I collect my torn up bag of changes, all my dollar coins are gone, all I have is quarters, dimes and nickels. I sob, run back to the bus. Now all of a sudden I have my IPod on. I am dancing like that wierdo shadow in IPod ads, there is fire e very where, I run to the bus but the bus is right ahead of me and BAAAM! I am hit by the bus..and then I wake up. What a wacky dream that was!

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