Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tik Tik Tak Tak..

This evening gotta go for an after hours SOBA(Scindia old boys association) get together.
On one side I want to network to increase my visibility, on the other hand I haven't really gained much from any of it in the past.You go drink, have a good time, laugh and then go home and sleep.
Next day you forget all of it. You feel hesitant to call the guys you met and then you meet them again in another get-together. Oh..long time...I know...Really busy..How is life..And again you drink, laugh and then forget all about it...Ah! I have to be more productive, talk business, but wait..wat business? I don't have any
business..did I forget..I don't have a f****n business. Thats the whole point. Figuring shit out for myself...
May be I should play a character, just like in movies.those 10 bucks an hour actors who play Rupert Murdoch like characters. Acting all pricey and throwing weight around..have some slapstick one liners that no one wants to laugh too..lots of hand movement(that I do), cigars and b*****s.
Good Idea...I'll do that of course except the b*****s part.

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