Thursday, October 25, 2007

Made my first F****n' Penny, Long live GOOGLE!

Alright...the payday is here. Made one full whole polished penny out of my blog...
Thats one hell of an achievement...Whew!! Lots of work, lots of efforts and google rewards me with a full blown penny! Alright so what do you want me to do with it...shove it somewhere?? It ain't gonna be my ass, so that's right, you heard it, It's your big giant ass that's gonna take the brunt of a one full penny you got there for me!
Well, it's not google's fault, I got some 80 impressions but even with that my cost per CPM works out to be some meager 10 cents. Huh! google, has it's monopoly, they won't disclose how much they are making out if it. Is it fair? I dunno but I know for a fact if google wasn't there, I wouldn't have made the f****n' penny I made. Long live GOOGLE!

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