Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why facebook is not microsoft

Facebook v/s operating system

I read this interesting article on techcrunch that draws parallels between facebook and microsoft and that how microsoft built windows as a common platform for developers to work on and likewise what facebook has done now. technically, I think what facebook has done is not a big deal. After all how much technical expertise is required to open up ur systems and api for others to interact with? Doesn't all products do that already? Doesn't all languages do that? This is core concept of extensibility. On the other hand developing an operating system is quiet a task in itself.

facebook v/s google

However, I'll have to agree that marketing department of facebook did a great job of hyping the news. Concept wise it is similar but implementation wise it's stupid to even think about it. Agreed that it gives a better platform for entrepreneurs to put there application out there with minimal expense and see how market reacts to it but then if you have 1 million applications in facebook, how is it any different from 1 million search results in google. Personally me at any point would go with google results than facebook. So with all the hype surrounding facebook it may get a better deal for a buy out or IPO but then this is definitely what will make them microsoft.

Mark on his own

On a different note I would applaude mark's creativity in thinking out of the box which can be a selling factor if facebook comes out with IPO. our stock market has a penchant for young guys who think out of box.