Monday, October 22, 2007

Knee pain and brain teaser

Monday, toughest day of the week got even more tougher. Had knee pain, couldn't commute for 2 hours to the city, so took sick day. Thought of doing something at home, may be a little work but ended up licking techcrunch and gigaom. I go there to take inspiration for my work. looks like I am taking too much inspiration and doing too less actual work. It sure does look like the beginning of end. But wait, I am hopeful, Look at the brighter side, I found 10 things not to work on either because someone else made money out of it or lost it. Either case, I win or may be I loose if I had thought before all. But then I didn't think. I think I am mixing 2 passions of my life, technology and writing(films). I know a guy started a firm sold it for 20 mil and is noe a director of some 3rd grade movie. DOn't want to end up like that. Want to have a clear vision. want to make up my mind. Want to succeed, well does that mean I am not successful right now? I am, Mark says that. I don't.
Ah..time for beer...more later

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