Friday, October 19, 2007

Om malik replies...

Got my comment replied by Om Malik. Felt like on top of the world. Nobody replies to me on They think I am just trying to get attention. May be I am. Like a helpless kid, no where to go, I am trying whatever I can to get noticed. is it good? ..I don't know. What should I do. I don't know anybody. People around me are helpless, just like me.

Alright...the weekend is finally here. Finally feeling good. had some scotch and watched some TV. Felt guilty for watching TV. Why am i doing this? Why am I wasting time. I don't have time. All I have is 2 hours after work each day and my weekend to finish off my work. Lot of work, lot less time. I hate myself, could have gotten away with just some basic stuff and poor fast coding. But no, I want the whole object model. The whole plan of my new product has turned out really well. I can;t believe I am that good. I remember my previous manager at DowJones said, You are a terrific programmer. But I want to be more of a business person. Thus the need to do something of my own.
Don't know why people live in the city. I love the commute, so much time just to think and beyond. Spoke to mark and vlad. I want them to start blogging too, they are just shy I guess. Sujit, wants to try it out too. Let's see when he gets started.

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