Friday, October 19, 2007

I called my wife facebook....

Ok...the day started on a bad note. Slept at 1 in the night. Woke up at 6. Had terrible headache, don't know if it's lack of sleep or just too much that is going on in my life. read so much about facebook that called my wife facebook. Was dreaming about an argument I had with someone about facebook and it's future. Who knows where will all the facebook hoopla take it. My bottom line for any business is - hey if it makes money its a good business today. If it can make money tomorrow it will be a good business tomorrow. Facebook is making good money today, if it sustains it it will the pioneer. Google was in loss before it went public. Facebook knows one thing for sure, Innovate or you will be dead.
I think on the same line, I want my first product to be for public, just for public. Will take the risk. I don't need any angel investor. I'll do it myself. Tried partnering, Didn't work. Work load is too much. Nobody wants to work.They want million dollars to fall in there lap...snap..just like that. Ain't happening in this world.
Work is hectic..Can do stuff very fast..but then there are hours when I don't do anything. Everyday in train I feel sad for wasting time, Can't help it. THe only consolation is that I realize it. May be I'll correct it someday. want to work in team.looks like no one can cope with me. Is it that I am too fast or just too confused? Don't know! I guess everybody wants that answer. Either you have a problem or you are pretending to have a problem. Happens to me all the time. Happened today, didn't know if I had headache or was pretending. Took a tylenol, it went away, I guess I really had headache.
Going for a meeting..later

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