Friday, October 26, 2007

Great ideas don't come in vacuum....

Now onwards I'll have 2 sections in my daily article Life news and Bollywood news.

Life News - Great ideas don't come in vacuum.

Had drinks at the get together, spoke to people in tangible product business, the are too happy with what they have. They don't understand the dynamics of Internet business. Have to tap in to find somebody already in software business for funding. Why the F*** do I have to think so big. I can think small and start a online shop on yahoo small business..But I want something different..I constantly have to remind myself -"Great Ideas don't come in vacuum". But no harm in trying. My assembly line is lines of code, my factory is a server and my target audience is users, who don't have to spend a dime getting my product (which I haven't thought of, Yet!).
If I can't succeed in it, can't succeed anywhere.
I dream of making a Larry Page or Steve Jobs out of me. Who knows may be I will?

Bollywood news - Mutual masturbation

Anurag kashyap is one guy I admire...I just love the way he coins up these phrases.
The latest to come is Koffee with Karan(An indian talk show) is a mutual masturbation club! Awesome choice of words for a sissy f*****' show.

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