Monday, November 12, 2007

CORRECTION: OM Shanti OM may be ahead! Saawariya steals the march from Om Shanti Om, atleast in US!

Update: According to Other US Reports, it looks like OSO made almost double of Saawariya. Even though my source says it otherwise, I would like to put the correction on my article.

So there has been tremendous bad reviews for Saawariya and according to Taran Adarsh it has been doing good in UK it's not that great compared to Om shanti Om. However it's a different story in US, according to US Box Office, Om Shanti Om doesn't feature anywhere where as Saawariya made a very impressive $6,00,000 in it's opening weekend debuting at No 17.

Looks like numbers speak larger than all the kiss my ass reviews and politics in big bad world of bollywood, at least in US.


Anonymous said...

not true... check again .. OSO opens at no 14 and Saawariya no. 23..

it's 600,000 not 6 MI

Mainak said...

Dhiren said...

this is more right