Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Smoking - Mind Bending, Twisted, One Hell of A Damn Good Thriller!

Let's begin with a few facts -

"Taran Adarsh and Khalid Mohammad will never understand what No Smoking is..."

"A decade later Indian junta will drool over No Smoking as one of classic thrillers ever made..."

"If gotten a DVD release(nationwide not just Indian stores) in US, this will surpass money collected by top 10 blockbusters(2007) of India.."

Someone said that Anurag Kashyap should accept his mistakes like Ram Gopal Verma does. My answer is, sure, but is there a mistake? I watched No Smoking and the moment it ended I wanted to see it again..It's like "The Shining", "Jacob's Ladder", "The cell" and several other mind bending thrillers where you watch it, interpret it your way, talk about it, discuss it, and then watch it again.
Indian public will never like this, well we don't innovate because we believe why reinvent the wheel. It's Ok and smart to do that but that leaves us in a state where we don't want to exercise our brain and if someone forces us to do that we get irritated, upset and disgusted. That's what happened to our dear critics and as much as it is unfortunate to say I would have to say that happened to most of our junta.

I wouldn't have doubted a bit that the movie would fail in interiors, but all people who call themselves intelligent, smart and claim to take India to next level, should like it or rather should have liked it. But all doesn't end here, atleast it gives India a genius director(Anurag Kashyap) who will be to Bollywood what stanley Kubrick was to Hollywood.

To sum it up I would call it "A very very engaging film".

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