Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bollywood Movie Review - Life mein kabhie kabhie

Ok, so you see a poster with bunch of young boys and girls in fancy designer clothes and bright colors splashed all over, the conclusion is yet another cliched movie about desi youth. Well, I started watching this movie with the same notion but first 15 minutes and I was just glued to it.

The way director navigates thru the lives of 5 individuals and the ones around them is amazing. This is one movie with a message and the viewer gets that unlike other movies where message is lost somewhere in the trash they build up for audience. I am still surprised how Namastey London made over 50 crores worldwide !! It's a torture, military should use it on terrorists.

Anyways coming back to the LMKK, I think as a writer one can choose to traverse thru any path but I think wrtiing is about being real, mapping it as closely to real world as possible. With that I wonder that in one of the tracks why the girl chose raj zutsi's character over Dino Morea's. After all he was stinking rich too. Few minor blemishes rest all looks SAVVY.

Recommendation: Go watch it!


Anonymous said...

great review. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I wonder what kind of fruit those crazy kids were eating???

Anonymous said...

very true.....namaste london was a torture.....n LMKK a nice cum namaste lndon is a hit and LMKK a flop? No1 can anticipate the mindset of indian public

hmm said...

there is another comment that comes here